About Me

My name is Cliff Williams. I live in Kentucky surrounded by the ones I love.

The most thoughtful advice is given with our ears, not our mouths.

A troublesome character flaw I wrestle with on the daily is my need to be heard. I’m a father, husband, believer, truth-seeker, professional musician, songwriter, and former procrastinator. I believe we all have stories to tell and at least half of them are truly worth hearing. I write fiction, sci-fy, fantasy, and dabble trepidatiously in the world of nonfiction.

I’ll go with you… but mind where you take me…

I believe we have a responsibility to cultivate hope and love in other people. To carry them to moments of joy and encourage them to find the beauty in life. Our time is not our own if we are really using it right.

I’ve always been a writer, but have only now had the inspiration and well, gusto, to share that writing with the world. So lets talk. Lets listen. Lets learn and grow from each other’s insight and experience. Lets get distracted, be entertained, and point each other to all that is good. Though we may yet be tip-toeing through the perilous dark.

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