Updates And Thank You’s

For those of you who have followed the blog up till this point, you’ll notice there’s a lot that is missing. We have been gearing up to release ‘MAN OF GOD’ as a full length novel, and that time is finally arriving! It’s exciting and scary for me. I decided to leave the first fewContinue reading “Updates And Thank You’s”


A poem by Reverend Waylon Williamson Right off the Atlantic Ocean, Panama is the spot. Where we are doomed to spend our time, In the land that God forgot. Down where there’s no Ten Commandments. And a man always has his thirst. We’re outcasts from civilization. Victims of life at it’s worst. Down on thisContinue reading “DOING A HITCH IN HELL”

MAN OF GOD (chapter five)

ENLISTED It’s not that I stopped believing God was out there, or that heaven and hell were real, I was just really mad at Him. Plus I figured if I was going to hell, I might as well go to the deepest part there was. It’s stupid, I know. But that’s the way it was.Continue reading “MAN OF GOD (chapter five)”

MAN OF GOD (chapter four)

Momma             A wick, a basin of oil, a few brass prongs, and a glass globe hot enough to light your wall on fire if it was held too close; back when I was young enough to take naps beneath the pews without having to worry about getting pulled up by the ear, those oil lampsContinue reading “MAN OF GOD (chapter four)”

MAN OF GOD (chapter three)

SHOES             I was thirteen before I got my first pair of shoes.  Old Doc Crews ran the drugstore in town and wouldn’t let me work for him without shoes on my feet.  I can’t say that I blame him.  I had been leading the family cow back and forth to school for several years by then and myContinue reading “MAN OF GOD (chapter three)”

MAN OF GOD (chapter two)

THE CALL             “Reverend!”  It was Daddy’s voice I heard while I was under the orange trees and I was sure of it. Twelve years old and I still didn’t have a single pair of shoes, but I knew my daddy’s voice.  And I knew better than to be late whenever he called me.   “Sir,” I hollered at theContinue reading “MAN OF GOD (chapter two)”

MAN OF GOD (chapter one)

Eyes squeezed so tight you’d swear her eyebrows were touching her cheeks, veins bulging out in places she didn’t even know she had, there wasn’t an ounce of quit in Momma. No sir. Not an ounce. She was gonna keep right on pushing till …


I am lonely, and I want you to stay with me.  Okay wait, that’s a lie. I don’t care where you go, or what you do, so long as you don’t finish. I’m sorry, please allow me to introduce myself. I go by many names.   Fear.  Laziness. Doubt.  Anxiety. I am the anthem of the coward. And theContinue reading “THE HALFWAY HOTEL”