A poem by Reverend Waylon Williamson Right off the Atlantic Ocean, Panama is the spot. Where we are doomed to spend our time, In the land that God forgot. Down where there’s no Ten Commandments. And a man always has his thirst. We’re outcasts from civilization. Victims of life at it’s worst. Down on thisContinue reading “DOING A HITCH IN HELL”


I am lonely, and I want you to stay with me.  Okay wait, that’s a lie. I don’t care where you go, or what you do, so long as you don’t finish. I’m sorry, please allow me to introduce myself. I go by many names.   Fear.  Laziness. Doubt.  Anxiety. I am the anthem of the coward. And theContinue reading “THE HALFWAY HOTEL”

HEARTBEAT (finale)

The graduation gown is puffed out like she swallowed a basketball.  She didn’t even bother with make up, so the fact that she’s sweating isn’t a big deal.  What’s the point?  When your feet are swollen so much that you have to wear granny flats, and your pants are held up with an elastic band, nothing can makeContinue reading “HEARTBEAT (finale)”

HEARTBEAT (part four)

Don’t do this to me…  Please… How could you?  I kept him.  It cost me everything.  Totally derailed my life.  But I did it. I kept him because you made me believe it was the right thing to do.  And now you want to take him away from me?  After I’ve let him become my whole world.  You’re supposed to be good.  If you doContinue reading “HEARTBEAT (part four)”

HEARTBEAT (part 3)

She could smell the axe body spray oozing from his letterman jacket all the way home. He’ll forgive her for stealing the truck. He pretty much has to. There’s no way she could do something like this without talking to her parents. That night, laying on top of the comforter in that hotel bed, that’sContinue reading “HEARTBEAT (part 3)”

Heartbeat (part 2)

They wouldn’t let him go in with her. Not while they went over the details of the procedure. “Are you family?” the nurse asked. “No he’s not,” she said, emphatically. “I probably don’t want to hear how they do it anyway,” he thought. Still kind of felt wrong to sit out in the reception areaContinue reading “Heartbeat (part 2)”


Her stomach is in knots. Hands shake uncontrollably. The chair feels deliberately uncomfortable. The air is at least a thousand degrees. She’s already shed her boyfriend’s flannel. She can’t take off anything else without being asked to leave, and this is the smallest health clinic in the smallest town in the state. Come Monday morningContinue reading “Heartbeat”