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Host Cliff Williams

“I believe we have a responsibility to cultivate hope and love in other people. To carry them to moments of joy and encourage them to find the beauty in life.”

“My name is Joel Jackson and Jesus saved me from suicide so now I sing songs about his love.”

#26 Disney Or Tom MacDonald? Christian Reaction To Which Is Worse For Your Children! Not Gospel Studios

 Today we discuss on what is actually detrimental to children, secular comedy and rap music or a mega fantasy and cartoon corporation that has a progressive agenda? With Disney's woke agenda pushing the boundaries every day, we still find Christians are more comfortable playing Disney content in their home than the music of conscientious rapper, Tom MacDonald. Where should Christians draw the line? Not Gospel Studio PODCAST – Unapologetic Christian Commentary Cliff Williams of 7eventh Time Down and friend Chandra discuss current topics. #keepbeingawesome Follow Not Gospel Studios YouTube to stay up to date on original music, books, podcast, and a streaming webs-series and Christian mokumenterary series (BIG little Church). Listen to the Not Gospel Podcast everywhere Podcasts are streamed! Spotify @ shorturl.at/egET0 Player FM @ https://player.fm/series/2976179Apple Podcasts @ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast…Please LIKE my pages and Follow! Stay up to date on my website http://www.wordsbycliff.com Follow me on: Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/NotGospelbyC… Amazon @ shorturl.at/moHP8 Man Of God Paperback available NOW! 
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