Updates And Thank You’s

For those of you who have followed the blog up till this point, you’ll notice there’s a lot that is missing. We have been gearing up to release ‘MAN OF GOD’ as a full length novel, and that time is finally arriving! It’s exciting and scary for me. I decided to leave the first fewContinue reading “Updates And Thank You’s”

MAN OF GOD (chapter five)

ENLISTED It’s not that I stopped believing God was out there, or that heaven and hell were real, I was just really mad at Him. Plus I figured if I was going to hell, I might as well go to the deepest part there was. It’s stupid, I know. But that’s the way it was.Continue reading “MAN OF GOD (chapter five)”

HEARTBEAT (finale)

The graduation gown is puffed out like she swallowed a basketball.  She didn’t even bother with make up, so the fact that she’s sweating isn’t a big deal.  What’s the point?  When your feet are swollen so much that you have to wear granny flats, and your pants are held up with an elastic band, nothing can makeContinue reading “HEARTBEAT (finale)”