Heartbeat (part 2)

They wouldn’t let him go in with her. Not while they went over the details of the procedure. “Are you family?” the nurse asked. “No he’s not,” she said, emphatically. “I probably don’t want to hear how they do it anyway,” he thought. Still kind of felt wrong to sit out in the reception areaContinue reading “Heartbeat (part 2)”


Her stomach is in knots. Hands shake uncontrollably. The chair feels deliberately uncomfortable. The air is at least a thousand degrees. She’s already shed her boyfriend’s flannel. She can’t take off anything else without being asked to leave, and this is the smallest health clinic in the smallest town in the state. Come Monday morningContinue reading “Heartbeat”

Moral Ambiguity In Fantasy

I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine the other day. A deep thinker. A coffee drinker. From the local shop, not Starbucks. I asked him if he had watched Avengers: End Game yet. He hadn’t. And the whole truth is that he actually fell asleep in Infinity War. So I did whatContinue reading “Moral Ambiguity In Fantasy”