Updates And Thank You’s

For those of you who have followed the blog up till this point, you’ll notice there’s a lot that is missing. We have been gearing up to release ‘MAN OF GOD’ as a full length novel, and that time is finally arriving! It’s exciting and scary for me. I decided to leave the first fewContinue reading “Updates And Thank You’s”

MAN OF GOD (chapter one)

Eyes squeezed so tight you’d swear her eyebrows were touching her cheeks, veins bulging out in places she didn’t even know she had, there wasn’t an ounce of quit in Momma. No sir. Not an ounce. She was gonna keep right on pushing till …


I am lonely, and I want you to stay with me.  Okay wait, that’s a lie. I don’t care where you go, or what you do, so long as you don’t finish. I’m sorry, please allow me to introduce myself. I go by many names.   Fear.  Laziness. Doubt.  Anxiety. I am the anthem of the coward. And theContinue reading “THE HALFWAY HOTEL”